This lifestyle category is showing some of the product which brings people to feel they want there cycle to become a real way of life. Whether the style for you is riding fixed gear shooting through a city centre, cruising on the seafront coast or grabbing the grocery’s in town there are many ways of personalizing your ride. I will keep this page up to date with the different products and ideas that are current. Also we will give you a small hit of what’s great and a link to the products home page.

Brooks saddles have been just simply the best forever great shapes and designs really give you ride a hit of retro chic but will become the best saddle you’ve ever known.
Basil bags are a Dutch company making some of the loveliest panniers and bags to dress your ride in. They are really well made and are extremely user friendly.
Pashley cycles ooze quality made here in England we have a brand to be proud of. There a bike for life . I tend to find people just fall in love with them and using them becomes part of everyday life.
Bern helmets are uber cool, urban style with a twist of my lids different. We can also winterise its internals to keep you toasty in winter. The small cap style peaks give them a great look. Fit is excellent pop in and try one.
Liix products are seriously fun, decals, bells and really smart wicker baskets spring to mind straight away. We have access to their vast product range which comes in from Germany. You are likely to find a selection in stock at the shop as these are top sellers.
Cinelli have made some of the coolest fixies to date frames and full bikes available. Just be aware don’t click the link if your partial to adding another bike to your collection you will start telling yourself I need it I must have it.
Boneshaker magazine, rouleur magazine, privateer magazine and the ride journal these are three of the best coffee table mags out there. I have my head stuck in these most of the month. Really great articles and journalism and most of all great photography.
Yakkay helmets are a thing of beauty. Style and safety taken in the right balance. Customise the covers to your taste and personality.

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