When you ride your cycle you could consider cycle specific clothing and gear that will not only bring you comfort but also keep you warm in winter or cool in the summer. Also if commuting some safe hi viz gear is a good choice this needn’t be bright yellow these days but consider where you will be riding. Additionally what terrain will you be biking through and what is the climate like? Make sure to check the weather before you leave and take the appropriate clothing. Below are some items to consider paying particular attention to in order to make your ride more pleasurable.

Some types of apparel and gear to consider are cycle gloves, cycle socks, cycling padded shorts or tights, jersey wear long or short sleeved, Jackets in there different levels of ability, and also cycle specific shoe wear.

When purchasing wet weather riding gear make sure you are aware of the difference between waterproof and water resistant. To be considered water proof it must be made of water proof fabric and the seams must be sealed. Water resistant is made of material that repels water but is not water proof. Just be aware that there is a huge distinction.

We want you to find and use the kit that really helps add to your riding experience. Feel free to come and visit in store and try on the clothing ranges we have available.

We have provided some web link logos of the company’s we highly rate and that you are likely to find in stock at our shop. With vast ranges now available if required we can order in items and check availability very quickly for you.


Built around our exclusive inForm last, which has the ideal amount of toe spring to lock and stabilize the foot, Bontrager cycling shoes are designed to be the best fitting, most comfortable shoes on the market. High-performance outsoles provide superior energy transfer and efficiency, while our inForm patterned uppers provide a fine-tuned fit, regardless of foot volume or width.