The next best thing! What we mean by this statement is after your frame and forks your wheels are the next most important component on your bike. A pair of good wheels will give the rider noticeable performance to their bike.  Of course your bike needs wheels but there are wheels and there are wheels.  That isn’t a statement of large costs coming your way but more in what you look for. We have written about some key factors below to help you find the desired styles and budgets of your new hoops!

Firstly we should mention that we have been hand building wheels at Herbert’s for decades. This skill is a bit of a dying art as the time and effort to learn these skills are not being undertaken by many shops and people.  So using these skills we can put together an infinite hub, rim, spokes combinations to the riders desire. With craftsman like time and effort these turn into the most balanced tension and trued wheels money can buy. Feel free to come by and talk about your requirements or advice.

The above info also relates to the service we can also offer to you in the wheel truing and tensioning department. Whether your wheels you have had for years or brand new Hoops we can book your wheels in and get some skilled hands to work some magic!

The new generation of wheels. These new designs are pushing wheel technology with computer aided spoking patterns and high tech materials. The introduction of high tech machinery has resulted in the boundaries of wheel development. With rim strength and braking systems of mountain bikes the weight and acceleration speeds of the road bike world these wheel are proving very popular. There are many manufacturers of this type of pre built wheel Mavic, Crank Bros, Sram and Campagnolo to name but a few. Deeper rims giving speed and inertia are super popular with the roadies currently. The tubeless disc specific rims combined with hub designs to ease the stress of the spokes are the desired mountain bike weapons of choice. Pop in store to check a few different types of these examples out.

Wheel Terminology

CLINCHER – this is explaining the way the tyre fits to the rim. A clincher rim has a tyre that retains an inner tube and the bead of the tyre hooks into the lip design of the rim to retain it when inflated. So what we would call standard tyres and tubes fitting.

TUBULAR – The term tubular is making reference to the tubular tyre fitted to the rim. This tyre has an inner tube stitched into the canvas casing of the tyre creating one tyre and tube unit. Mostly used for road racing, Track and time trial use.  Very good performance but quite impractical for everyday use.

TUBELESS – A system that’s gaining ground quite quickly on others. Tubeless combines the lower rolling weight (no tube) with a tyre holding a latex liquid for puncture prevention. The rims must be free of spoke access holes or run a kit to convert the rim. The system is also being used in the road bike sector using the same system. The tyre has more movement and comfort properties without losing rolling efficiency.