Your frame is the heart of your bike. A good choice of frame and forks and you will be set heading in the right direction for building your dream bike. If its a trail killer or road machine we have access to and in store stock of some of the best frames and forks  available to date. We will assist you in store with bike sizing so that you confident and happy with your ride position and style. With your mountain bike selections we will discuss also with you the desired suspension travel options.

A Few Mountain Bike Frame Options.


A Few Road Bike Frameset Options.


Please feel free to arrange a time to come over to the store and talk new frame. We will talk bikes anytime but to give you some as they say quality time to discuss your desires give us a shout first.

What’s HOT right now!

In the mountain bike world a fairly newish name to frame construction is NUKEPROOF. They have stormed into the mountain bike world with some great value for money and designs.  A true favourite from our store has been the COTIC frames offering some of the best hardtail frames you can buy.

CERVELO – well as pedigree goes not much can touch them right now. We have built some customer dream machines that would blow your socks off. A really versatile range of frames for riding categories such as sportive, Time trial, and aero road frames.

Frame Material Quick Guide

ALUMINIUM – lightweight tubing, good budget, fluid forming frame designs, rigid ride characteristic, ideal for full suspension mountain bike designs, non corrosive property

STEEL – varying medium to lightweight frames with chosen tubesets, comfort properties of steels natural ride feel, medium to high end budgets, corrosive property but basic care can eradicate this issue.

CARBON – Very lightweight materials, completely tuneable to designers strength to weight requirements, comfort ride feel of carbons natural property, non corrosive, a material enabling the latest component technology, mid to high end budgets.

TITANIUM – Very lightweight tubesets, super tough construction, comfort ride feel with natural property of titanium, extremely non corrosive, high end budgets.

I hope this page has been useful in your search for info. Always remember we are at the end of the phone and if you fancy a visit pop by for some extra assistance.