One of Treks motos is its great great to be a bicycle company. With such options in their cycle range you can find the cycle for your use. I believe they do enjoy designing their cutting edge cycles and utility models all under the same roof. We now have the new Trek Leopard Pro road Team to people picking up there groceries in town.
  Giants range is extremely diverse. Many years of development has resulted in cycles with innovation and practicality. Our store has stocked this brand for well over a decade with great sucess.
  Ridgeback have been building bikes for the UK since 1983. Stating theres always a Ridgeback bike for you from high pefromance road to comfortable commuters. This range has recently landed at our store and we are excited with what we are seeing.
  In 1885 21 year old Edoardo Bianchi opens up a bicycle manufacturing business in Milan. Some may say the rest is history, 125+ years of cycles have bought Italian style and function to the masses. Highly regarded for their coast to coast ride geometry, the cycle range is more popular than ever.
  Ghost may be a brand you’ve not seen before but sit up and take note! Brilliant mountain bikes are currently the successful range we have been stocking at the store. Great reviews and best of all current customers loving their rides!
  Cervelo, the Creme de la Creme of road bikes. We have built these beautiful frames into brilliant road bikes for customers of our store. Pop by to talk bike build to your hearts content.